It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important

– Antoine de Saint-Exupery –

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Our Story


DDeniva LTD was established in 1997 in Sofia and is one of the fast growing companies, specialized in production and international trade of essential oils – Bulgarian rose oil, rose concrete and absolute, rose water, lavender oil, etc.
We offer natural essential products that are grown and produced by us or by our member-partners, all guaranteed by a certificate of quality. Our products are renowned for their rich, elegant aroma, the delightful bouquet of their scent and uniqueness of their components.

During the years we have been investing and delegating much effort in creating our own fields with oil-yielding rose (Rosa Damascena Mill.) and now we possess more than 200 acres. To make cultivation more effective and in order to achieve higher yields and the highest quality of the essential oils that we produce, we have invested in modern agricultural machinery such as specialized cultivators, equipment for fertilization, irrigation and plant protection, etc.
The quality of our products is guaranteed by the created and implemented “good practice” in the field of

cultivation and production. We are a well recognized and established exporter mainly to the Middle East, American and European market and recently to Japan and Far East countries.
Out fields are situated in the northwest region of Rodopi Mountain (Bjaga village and town of Bratsigovo) which, thanks to its climate and soil conditions, is becoming more and more attractive.
The quality of so called “rodopsko” rose oil is considered even better than the one from the Rose Valley.

A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world

– Leo Buscaglia –

History & Harvest

The genus Rosa finds its origins back in the ancient evergreen rose trees,
spread in the forested and humid provinces of India, China, East Africa and America. With its good decorative qualities and pleasant aroma,
rose attracts the attention of man from ancient times till nowadays.


The beginning of the penetration of oil-yielding rose from the Middle East in Europe is considered the thirteenth century. In 1270, during the Crusades, count Bruye carries Rosa Damascena miles from the outskirts of Damascus (Syria) in France and there comes its name – Damask rose. This same rose, carried by the Ottoman Turks, finds the most suitable conditions for growing in a specific valley in Bulgaria, an area that was later called “Rose Valley”. Thanks to specific natural and geographical conditions, for several centuries locally was cultivated a new variety of oil-yielding rose called Kazanlika rose. According to some scientists rose oil, produced from it, is materially different and has much better quality from the one produced from Rosa Damascena.


The development of rose industry in Bulgaria began in the 18th century. The appropriate climatic and soil conditions are the main factors that give the Bulgarian rose oil its highly prized qualities. As a result of this, in years the rose production had become livelihood for nearly 200 000 inhabitants of the rose-growing areas of the country. Also Bulgarian rose oil has won numerous awards from prestigious international exhibitions and is preferred by leading perfume and cosmetics companies such as Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Chanel, Estee Lauder and others…

Blossoming & yielding

Currently in Bulgaria four types of oil-yielding rose are widespread:
Rosa Kazanlika, Rosa Alba, Rosa Centifolia and Rosa Galica.
Their blossom depends on the specific climatic conditions and varies each year, but is mainly concentrated in the months of May and June.
The yield of essential oil can be dramatically affected by weather conditions – during very hot and dry weather the harvest may last only two weeks leading to low yield and serious losses of oil due to evaporation.
Conversely, mild and humid weather allows extension in the harvest time and in the same time – increase the yield of rose oil.


Rose is harvested exclusively by hand every day from 5.30 to 11.30 h when the quality of the essential oil is highest. From the minute harvesting begins it becomes a race against time, for all flowers must be picked whilst the dew is still on the flowers and the sun is low. Till its processing in the distilleries rose blossoms are stored in plastic bags in shady and coolly place. In order to preserve the oil with maximum quality the gathered rose blossoms should be processed the same day, which determines the requirement for near-by distillery.




“Deniva” LTD | 1612 Sofia, Bulgaria | Hipodruma, 112 Sofiiski geroi str, 6th floor, apt. 39
mobile: +359 88 880 4787 ; +359 88 341 6719

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Our fields are situated in the northwest region of Rodopi Mountain (village of Biaga and Bratsigovo),
due to its unique weather and soil conditions.