• Partner from Far East

    “Our experience with Deniva company is more than exceptional. They are great professionals with whom is a pleasure to do business. The quality of their products as well as the quickness of their response and delivery is remarkable. Currently we use Bulgarian rose oil in our products and we have a lot of positive remarks from our customers. We are confident to say that Deniva is our company-of-choice for the delivery of this specific product not only because of its high quality but for the personal treatment we receive.”

  • Partner from Kuwait

    “This letter of recommendation concerns the services of Deniva LTD, a company that we have been working with for more than ten years. We have always been completely satisfied with the quality of their products as well as with their professional services. During the years the deliveries were always punctual without any issues in the documentation.”

  • Partner from Dubai, U.A.E.

    “Dear Sirs, We give the present letter of recommendation to MESSRS. Deniva Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria in confirmation of following: We have more than 15 year good business practice and relations with company Deniva. We would like to assure all customers of Deniva, that the quality of delivered by them Bulgarian Natural Rose Oil is unique, absolutely stable and always meet our requirements. Service which company Deniva provides is professional and their reactions are very quick, when we have some questions or enquiries. It is a real pleasure to do business with our partners from Deniva Bulgaria. Truly Yours”